The 11th International Workshop on 2D Materials


February 17 – 18, 2023


President Hotel, Seoul

How to reach Hotel President

○ From Incheon International Airport

Take KAL limousine bus #6701 bound for City Hall and get off at Lotte Hotel. Hotel President is right next to Lotte Hotel.

From Gimpo International Airport

1) By Subway

Take Airport Railroad Train bound for Seoul Station.

At Hongik University station, change to Line #2 (green line) towards City Hall.

Get off at Euljiro 1(il)-ga station. Hotel President is 250 m from Exit #8 of the station.

2) By Taxi

A regular taxi will cost about 25,000~30,000 won depending on the traffic condition.

The black ‘deluxe’ taxi will cost about twice as much.


1) Oral Presentations

Please give your presentation file to the staff before the session (Because of the hybrid format, you cannot use your own laptop.)

Lectures: 50 min presentation + 10 min Q&A

Invited Talks: 25 min presentation + 5 min Q&A

YRTs: 12 min presentation + 3 min Q&A

2) Poster Presentations

Please put up your poster on the designated area before the lunch time on Feb 17.

Be ready to present your poster during the lunch break on both days.


Friday, February 17

Time Code Speaker Title


8:55 Opening
9:00 Lecture-K1 Seongil Im MOSFET, JFET, MESFET, and NC-FET with van der Waals channel

Yoshihiro Iwasa

10:00 Break
10:10 Lecture-C1 Jia-Xin Yin Rise of Kagome Physics
11:10 Break
11:20 Lecture-J1 Kyoko Ishizaka Materials science driven by laser-based photoelectrons
12:20 Lunch/Poster
14:00 Invited-J1 Katsuaki Sugawara Electronic structure of 2D materials studied by micro-ARPES

Young Woo Son

14:30 Invited-K1 Han Woong Yeom Mobile factionalized-charge soliton along silicon atomic wires
15:00 Invited-C1 Shuyun Zhou Floquet engineering of quantum materials – black phosphorus as an example
15:30 YRT-C1 Yu Li Anisotropic gap structure and sign reversal symmetry in monolayer Fe(Se,Te)
15:45 YRT-K1 Donggyu Kim Temperature dependence of excitonic Auger recombination in excitonic-complex-free monolayer WS2 by considering the Auger broadening effect
16:00 Break
16:15 Invited-J2 Toshiaki Kato In-situ monitoring synthesis and functionalization of transition metal dichalcogenide

Hyobin Yoo

16:45 Invited-C2 Kaihui Liu The magic role of atomic step in the epitaxy of two-dimensional materials


 YRT-C2 Shuangyuan Pan On-Site Synthesis and Characterizations of Atomically-Thin Nickel Tellurides through Self-Intercalation


YRT-J1 Akira Satou Fast and Sensitive THz Detection by an Asymmetric-Dual-Grating-Gate Epitaxial-Graphene-Channel FET
17:45  YRT-K2 Taewook Kim Ambipolar Nonvolatile Memory and Reversible Type Conversion in MoSe2 Transistors with Stack Interface Engineering
18:00 Banquet

Saturday, February 18

Time Code Speaker Title


9:00 Lecture-K2 Hyobin Yoo Electron diffraction and dark field analysis of 2-D materials

Hyeonsik Cheong

10:00 Break
10:10 Lecture-J2 Kazunari Matsuda Optical Science in Two-dimensional Material and its Heterostructure
11:10 Break
11:20 Lecture-C2 Yanwu Xie Interface and surface superconductivity in KTaO3
12:20 Lunch/Poster
14:00 Invited-K2 Jun Sung Kim Quantum transport evidence of isolated topological nodal-line fermions

Taishi Takenobu

14:30 YRT-J2 Kei Kinoshita Resonant tunneling between quantized subbands of few-layer WSe2 in van der Waals double quantum well structures
14:45 YRT-C3 Yanzhao Liu Discrete scale invariance of the quasi-bound states at atomic vacancies in a topological material
15:00 YRT-C4 Feng Qin Berry Curvature Dipole Generation and circular photogalvanic effect at Symmetry-mismatched Hetero-interfaces
15:15 Break
15:45 Invited-K3 Joon I. Jang Negative valley polarization of the intralayer exciton via one-step-growth of H-type heterobilayer WS2/MoS2

Kazunari Matsuda

16:15 YRT-J3 Yuki Itahashi Nonreciprocal transport and lower temperature phase transition in polar semimetal MoTe2
16:30 YRT-K3 Inchul Choi The study in evolving reverse-biased current mechanism of graphene-WS2 barristor junction by varying temperature and barrier height
16:45 YRT-C5 Changhua Bao Distinguishing and controlling Mottness by ultrafast light
17:00 Discussion for next A3
17:30 Closing
18:00 Farewell Dinner